4:27PM July 13, 2017

John Stinnett

I'm confused on how the zones were created. The subdivision I live in is in Cedaredge 124, which is only 35% to goal. The line that cuts off Cedaredge 124 and Cedaredge 125 is within feet of our subdivision. Half of the main road to our subdivision is within 125 and then our U shaped subdivision is strategically cutout and placed in zone 124. It makes no sense! I know everyone in our subdivision would sign up for the high speed gig internet, however, we are in a zone that is included with more rural and less populated areas of the country... making the goal of 565 more people to sign up merely a very long term dream. If our subdivision was included in zone 125 (98% to goal) it would be a win-win. That zone would get to goal and we would be able to get gig internet sooner.