11:36AM July 19, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Thomas, We love your enthusiasm. And don’t worry, most of us aren’t waiting very patiently either! You should have received an email just the other day with information about the process. I’ve copied it here in case you missed it. Also, be sure to check your email (the one you preregistered with) soon for the instructions on how to sign your service contract. We estimate it takes about 4 to 6 months to complete a zone! Congratulations, your zone has hit its preregistration goal—Get ready to enjoy the internet again! Thank you for all of your support as this project is not possible without our amazing community members. We’ve released your zone for final design and preconstruction work. You may have already seen our crews around the area installing our main fiber lines; this is the first step in our construction process. Remember, since we are building our network from the ground up, it will take time to complete the build out of your zone. It is a multi-month and multi-step process: Step 1: Finalize the design of the network in your zone. Step 2: Complete construction of the main fiber lines that bring our high-speed internet from our substations into your community. Step 3: Bring the fiber lines to the outside of your home or business and install the outside equipment. You will not need to be present for this, but we will notify you before working on your property. Step 4: Install live service inside your home or business so you can enjoy frustration-free internet! You will soon receive an email with instructions on how to complete your service contract. So, keep an eye on your inbox. Don't forget to tell your neighbors to get on the list at join.elevatefiber.com before it is too late. Once we leave the area, the installation rate will double and they will have to wait in line. Spread the word—Elevate is coming soon. ~ Your Elevate Fiber Team