2:00PM July 31, 2017

Jason Peacock

So I have this beautiful little box on the outside of my house now! Really happy about that, BUT, a little disappointed with communication so far. I keep waiting for a call or an email to schedule the actual service connection! MAYBE IF I TYPE IN ALL CAPS I CAN GET SPECIAL TREATMENT!!! Just kidding guys & gals. Seems like a pretty great job on a massive project. Can't wait for my next comment to be delivered at LIGHTning speed! Until then, enjoy this joke: Three logicians sit down at the counter of the local diner. After describing the special the server asks the following "Would you all like the special?" The first logician says "I don't know." The second answers identically to the first. The third then says "Yes, please." *nerds laugh now..................googlers........... welcome to the nerd laugh club!