8:33AM August 14, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Good morning, Rea-Ann. I’m so sorry for the confusion. Yes, you are on the list when it comes to your preregistration for Cedaredge 125. Now, we need you to complete your service contract. This is different than your preregistration. You should have received an email with instructions and a link. We will contact you directly to make sure we have your correct email and resend you the information. If you did complete your contract, it may just mean that property is not quite ready to be installed and that is why you weren’t “on the list” yet. Stay tuned for a call from us! Preregistration is free, however, the installation fee has always been $100. This is the discounted price for preregistering. You pay this fee when your install is scheduled. I’m sorry there has been some confusion.