10:44AM September 11, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Good morning, Jerry and Michael. I feel your frustrations. The infrastructure you’re seeing being built around Cedaredge 125, such as communication pedestals (what you’re more likely seeing in lots around town) are part of the distribution infrastructure that will serve that zone. I know it may look like we’re providing service to an empty lot, but remember we require a 12-month contract. This means we will only build to and install fiber at a home/property where a customer has contracted to pay for a year of service. We are not providing internet service to places that aren’t paying for it. I understand how seeing our construction team install or work on equipment in vacant or empty lots can be confusing. I also understand how it can feel like you’ve lived and breathed Elevate for a year and still not have everyone know about it. I have to remind myself everyday that we are only in year 2 of a 6-year project. Something this monumental will take time, in regards to both construction and simply getting people signed up. Seasonal customers are already a reality for us and we have many people who take advantage of the vacation rate. It still costs Elevate and the cooperative to build to seasonal homes so we must include them in the zone. It would irresponsible of us to not consider the costs and, in return, the revenue, of serving these types of homes. I truly appreciate your support of Elevate. All I can do is continue to ask for your patience and help spreading the word. Thank you!