12:16PM October 13, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi John, This is a common question and we totally understand how the zone boundaries can seem arbitrary. The zones are actually determined by DMEA’s power system. Each zone follows the path of a particular main power line, because the fiber lines will run along the same poles (and paths) as the electricity. So yes, in some cases you will see people close by who are in a different zone. This is because their home is served by a different main power line. It definitely doesn’t mean that you will never get Elevate! Remember, this is a 6-year and 3,000+ mile project so it will take time to cover all that ground. We must also build in this step-by-step approach in order to protect DMEA and you as a member. Unfortunately some of us will wait longer than others, but ultimately Elevate will be available all across DMEA’s service territory. Please stay the course and continue to spread the good word. Your zone is still right there near the top of the list and continues to move closer to the goal all the time!