9:54AM June 22, 2016

Virginia Harman Admin

Paula, I am sorry to hear that you are no longer interested in Elevate services. I would like to point out that our $79.95 residential service is for 1 gig speed (1,000 Mb). From what I can tell on their website, Rise offers speeds of 5 Mb, 10 Mb, or 20Mb at your address. Our $79.95, 1,000 Mb service, is 50x faster than the fastest service they currently offer. Plus our service is the only symmetrical service in this area (meaning same speed upload as download). We also offer a 100Mb internet service (which is 5x faster than the fastest speed currently offered by Rise) for only $49.95 per month if that is a better fit for your household. Please let me know if you would like to talk to one of our friendly staff for more information about how our super high speed internet can Elevate your life! Always remember when looking at any internet pricing that you are comparing services of the same speed, because you are paying for speed!