10:50AM December 08, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Oogie, I understand your frustration. There are many reasons the system allows a location to be registered more than once, such as when renters/homeowners move out and a new person needs to create an account or the need for more than one internet service at a location. We do have alerts in place that tell a person their email address has already been used to preregister a property. It isn't a malfunction of the website and no, I can't circumvent our process in order to get the zone to goal sooner. I know it's frustrating and hard to wait when you need better service. Remember, we are all on the same team and our goal is to get Paonia 55 to goal and bring service! Please help us spread the word that preregistering your property more than once or signing up locations that won't take service, only serves to add to the frustration and slows down the process. Thanks for your passion and support.