1:51PM December 08, 2017

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi, Steve. Good questions. There are quite a few scenarios why our system accepts multiple preregistrations under the same name, same address, or same email. For example, a person may own a home and a business (or rental) and therefore they will preregister 2 properties under the same name and email. Or they may need 2 services for the same location because they have an in-home rental unit or business for which they need or want a 2nd service. As I mentioned below, we have also had people sell or move out of homes they have preregistered and blocking addresses prevents new owners and tenants from signing up for service. We wish there was a perfect system too. Paonia 55 is still at the top of the list and is doing really well. We appreciate your support and excitement for Elevate. Thanks!