1:40PM January 04, 2018

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Jeffery, Elevate submitted a proposal to the Colorado High Cost Fund this past fall asking for state funds to help build your zone. Good news! Recently, we learned that our application was approved. While this is excellent for Elevate, state statute allows for incumbent telecom providers, like Century Link and TDS, to claim the funds granted to entities like DMEA if they demonstrate they can offer a substantially similar service. This caveat is called first right of refusal. TDS filed their claim to our grant monies and we are now in the process of appealing their claim. Due to the nature of the process, your zone, as well as 2 others, is now in a holding pattern and as a result, we are not able to start construction work on your zone until the appeal process is finalized and successful. You may see our crews in the area completing pre-construction and design work, however the construction of the physical network cannot take place until we receive successful confirmation from the state of Colorado. If we receive funding, we will begin building your zone as soon as possible. We anticipate the appeal process will take several months. Thanks!