3:24PM January 25, 2018

Kenneth Mason

I have a response to post by Paul Arbogast. Elevate Fiber will allow you to use your own router. This is what I'm doing. They will configure their router as a transparent bridge which simply converts the signal from optical to Ethernet and then it will connect into your router. You router wan port needs to be set to dhcp and it will be assigned an IP address for internet connection. The real problem that comes in will be the internet speed you choose. Most home routers will handle the 100mbps just fine, but the 1gb connection is another story. I had an Asus RT-AC68P and it's top speed on a 1gb connection was around 450mpbs. There are home routers out there that say they can handle the 1gb connection and they are running $400 - $500, but I haven't seen any reviews on how they function on a 1gb connection. I went with a Ubiquiti ER-X router, $50.00. If you are familiar with routers, you will do ok with this if you do some configuration on it and don't use any of the QOS settings. It is a small version of an enterprise router. It has no wireless services. You can use your old router as an access point. The next one up, that I just moved to is the Ubiquiti ER-4. It's new on the market and it's definitely an enterprise router. If you aren't familiar with networking (real networking), this might be a bit much, but it considerably more powerful than the ER-X. It's cost is $200.00 If you have questions or you want assistance, I would be more than willing to do that. I am giving Elevate permission to put us together if you want.