3:51PM January 31, 2018

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Karena, Unless you have a custom setup, for example, you operate your own internal network, we’ll supply a router built to handle and broadcast our speeds. It’s called the Calix Gigacenter. There is no monthly lease fee. Elevate will repair or replace faulty equipment and fiber at no charge. Of course, there are limitations, for example, if the router or fiber is actually damaged by a customer. Service calls to repair equipment or fiber that has failed are free of charge. Service calls to repair equipment or fiber that has been damaged by a customer are $75/hour. We do offer managed and worry-free service plans that cover different levels of customer damage, running $4.95/mo. and $9.95 mo. Those programs are optional and you can read more about them here - http://www.dmea.com/sites/deltamontrose/files/PDF/Elevate%20Fiber/FAQ/Installation%20and%20Managed%20Service%20Plans_FAQ_2017-5.pdf. If you take service from Elevate, you won’t need any of the equipment you’re currently using with your other provider. We’ll install the fiber to your home and in your home, install the WiFi router (which includes the modem), set up your WiFi network, and connect one wired device. We bring and install all the equipment you need and it is covered in the 1-time $100 installation fee. If you have questions about advanced networking or bridging your system to our network, I can pass your name to our tech team. Let me know if you have any additional questions.