3:29PM August 14, 2018

Becky Mashburn Admin

Oh, my. I've missed a lot of questions, ya'll. Sorry about that! Let' s get started, shall we? 1. Hi, Robert! We have a lot of deserving zones in our service territory, Olathe 148 included. If we could submit every zone for grant funding (and receive it) today, we would! Unfortunately, that's not the case. But, we are currently working through another grant process and will keep you updated when we have more information about the zones and details. Olathe 148 is most definitely on our radar! 2. Hi, Debby! We're working away in Orchard City 112 and expect to be able to reach out to people like you with more information about contracts in about an month. Even though you may see the conduit, there is still additional work that has to be done before we can bring live service to your home. Keep spreading the good word to your neighbors - Elevate is coming soon! 3. Hi Nick! Looks like you and Debby are in the same boat. We are almost done with our make ready construction in Orchard City 112 and will be reaching out in about a month to get contracts. Then, there is some additional construction work (installing the drop to the home, installing the outside equipment, etc) that has to be done before you have live service. 4. Hi, Gumaro! Our first priority is to build our network out to DMEA members. That being said, nothing is off the table! If you're in the city of Delta, I recommend preregistering (it doesn't cost or commit you to anything), because it helps us understand the interest in areas outside of DMEA's service territory. Sorry for the delayed replies, folks! I'll be better in the future. Keep those questions coming!