11:54AM July 06, 2016

Virginia Harman Admin

Dustin, Thank you for your question. "No Goal" means that the address you have entered is in the "DMEA AREA" this area refers to all locations in DMEA's service area that are not in Phase 1 of the Elevate build. Phase 1 is our first phase of construction and is made of 9 zones. Each of those 9 zones has a goal. Once a zone reaches its goal, we release that zone for construction. In the DMEA Area (all locations outside of Phase 1) we are simply collecting interest to help determine which areas will be in Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, etc.. There is no goal in the DMEA Area because those areas are not part of the current phase of construction. Please hang in there though! We have more than 32,000 service locations, it will take us a few years to reach all of them, but we will work hard to bring service to everyone as quickly as we can.