4:38PM October 12, 2018

Thomas Heidger

I'm one of the unfortunate few that is surrounded by already active areas 415 and 427 (which is right across the street), but section 812 is stagnant at 52%. Is there anything we can do to get more interest in this lower populated area? Prices are rising every year for high bandwidth service and I'm wondering if we'll ever get improvement.

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1:29PM October 22, 2018

Becky Mashburn
Hi Thomas—We feel your pain and understand the frustration! We are working diligently to help zones get to goal and bring fiber to members like you. On that same not, help from people like you has been instrumental in doing that. We have yard signs, t-shirts, info cards, and more all available at our office for members to pick up and hand out to friends and neighbors. Would you be willing to help us spread the word? Just give our office a call at 877-687-3632 or swing by the office M-F, 8AM – 5PM.