5:16PM October 21, 2018

Marcus Dean

It appears to me that Cedaredge 124 will never reach the pre-registration goal needed to start construction. If that proves to be the case, will Elevate fiber be made available to those of us who have already pre-registered? If so, when will that happen? Thank you.

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11:17AM October 23, 2018

Carroll Allison
What can we do to get Cedaredge 124 into the grant cycle? It is frustrating to live, literally, next door to folks who already have the service and see responses like this. Maybe DMEA should take another look at pre-registrations in boundary areas and determine whether the income received from these new accounts would merit redefining the zone borders.

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1:40PM October 22, 2018

Becky Mashburn
Hi Marcus-We’re working hard to make sure that’s not the case! But, you’re right, Cedaredge 124 has a long road ahead of it before it meets the signup goal. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work we do to assess zones like yours to be considered for federal or state grant funding. Right now, Cedaredge 124 is not in the grant cycle, but we will continue to pursue any opportunity that fits. In the meantime, we are still pushing people to preregister in your zone and get the word out. I hope you’ll stick with us! If, over the 6-years we expect it to take to build out DMEA’s service territory, your zone doesn’t reach the signup goal, we may not be able to build out our fiber network there.