6:44AM October 24, 2018

Michael Warner

I do not know your cable plant distribution but it appears that Cedaredge 124 has two geographically separate cable/pole line infrastructure areas. There is the Surface Creek Valley area and there is the Cedar Mesa area. Therefore, it appears there are two separate cable distributions for these two areas so why are they lumped together in a single large area? Cedaredge 124 requires 8.67 households to preregister to move the goal one percentage point. Then there are some zones, which only require one person to move the goal one percentage point. Of the Elevate Fiber network Cedaredge 124, by far, requires the largest number of preregistrations necessary to reach the Elevate Fiber goal of 100% before construction starts. You might consider splitting this one large zone into two smaller zones ….. 124A and 124B. I know ….. the numbers do not lie but one of these two geographic areas might realize a more realistic start date.