10:38AM November 02, 2018

jerry krager

Becky, I will say this again. Those in area 124 that actually LIVE in 124 full time have probably already preregistered. The other 52% don't live here. They are from out of state. Sometimes they show up for a month or two during the summer. Many have not been here for years. They merely pay their electric so the pipes wont freeze. I am now confident that Elevate will never service 124, even though at one of your early meetings 3-4 years ago we were told that EVERYONE receiving power from DMEA would eventually get Elevate but that seems to not be 100% true anymore. Now there is a strong probability that the few little companies will go out of business because of the saturated Elevate customers all around 124. The size you have made 124 is incredibly large and unfair.

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9:54AM December 12, 2018

Becky Mashburn
Hi Jerry, We feel your pain, and I wish I could deliver the news you want. Cedaredge 124 is a large rural zone, as are many other areas we are working to bring service. The wait is frustrating. Our board and the staff recognize the need of members like you, but we also must consider our fiduciary responsibility. Building fiber is expensive—very expensive, and we have put in place a system that allows us to build a new fiber network from the ground up in a manner that protects the co-op and sets a foundation to continue moving the build forward. We are considering subzones and are successfully moving forward with a few in early 2019! And while Cedaredge 124 is not one of these current subzones, please know that we haven’t forgotten about any of our zones from yours to Cimarron to Somerset. In the meantime, all I can do is ask for your continued support and passion and thank you for your patience. I know it may not sound like much, but we do truly appreciate the passion our members have put into this project and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it!

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12:15PM November 02, 2018

Nathan Durham
Jerry I fill your pain. I think North Delta Zone is to large ain't no way to get 650 people to sighn up for this and your right it is unfair