5:52AM January 03, 2019

Brandon Pratt

So I've been registered since the beginning, E 814?, and I'm sitting here waiting for spectrum to load anything. But since you all don't really seem to be worried about generating new registrations how do take my name off the list? Also I'm curious how much of my electric bill goes to pay salaries for a service that will probably be out dated by the time it shows up

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11:56AM January 03, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi Brandon, So glad to hear you supported Elevate right off the bat. We are very focused on building our network and gaining new customers (believe me, it’s one of the reasons I toss and turn at night!). Montrose 814 is now more than halfway to its preregistration goal and we’re still working to keep zones moving forward. To address your last question, while linked, Elevate and DMEA are separate companies with separate books and your electric bill is tied to DMEA services. I hope you will continue to support our project, we are doing this for the exact reason you state in your first sentence: members, like you, are experiencing subpar internet service and it’s holding our area back. But, there are frustrating realities to building a new fiber network. It will take multiple years to build out the plant and as we do so, we must ensure we are building a customer base that will continue to propel us forward. It’s not a commitment we take lightly. All that being said, I can delete your preregistration if you would like me to. You can let me know by commenting here or drop an email to customerservice@elevatefiber.com. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!