11:27AM April 10, 2019

Lacinda Harris

I live just east of Delta, on the edge of City Limits, I think we are listed as zone remote? Fiber runs down the road in front of the house. Any idea when we might be getting elevate?

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3:54PM April 15, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi Lucinda, I looking deeper into your question to determine why you're not receiving a zone assignment. Are you a DMEA member or do you receive your electricity from the City of Delta? If you're a member, your address should be falling into a zone (however, there are a few cases where the map isn't syncing). If you are an electric customer for the City of Delta, you are in a remote zone because DMEA doesn't serve that area and at this point in time Elevate's zones only encompass the co-op's foot print.