2:40PM April 15, 2019

Barry Long

I am seriously beginning to think we will never get Elevate. I am in zone 58 and do not believe there are 148 more people that want to change their service. Many people in our area are older and do not like change. Most likely they will not sign up as they do not require better service. I do not have phone service where I live so I am limited to use a dish service for internet. I was so excited in the begining when we signed up. A year and a half later I don't think it is going to be anytime real soon.Anyone I know with elevate internet have been very positive. Not being able to get it is frustrating.

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4:24PM April 15, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi, Barry. You're not alone in your frustration and I'm sorry I can't be the bearer of the news you want. Our goal is to be able to serve members just like you who are subject to poor (or in some cases no) service. However, that's easier said that done and it will take time for us to get each zone to goal. We appreciate the support from the get-go and understand the waning patience. Many of us at the office are still waiting as well. I hope you'll stick with us and continue to encourage your friends and neighbors to preregister here. Thanks!