3:53PM May 23, 2019

Kyle Merriman

I live in Delta E176 and looking at the map for this I am not sure there are even 132 homes to complete this total. Does the mapping program ensure there are enough residences to meet the goal? Are there any outreach or messaging campaigns which can help get to the goal? I have not seen anything for Elevate around our area at all.

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12:59PM June 17, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi Kyle, thanks for checking in. I can confirm, yes, our mapping does ensure that there are enough potential service locations to meet your goal. We start by using our DMEA meter count in the area and then reconcile it for locations that just don't make sense - think irrigation pumps, street lights, idle services, and the like. Our #1 outreach campaign that has worked in zones that have met their goal is word-of-mouth from members like you. We recognize that asking our members to help of spread the word is a BIG ask, but it has proven instrumental in getting to where we are today (6,000+ live customers and counting in just 3 years!). We have yard signs available for pick up at either office you can display in your neighborhood and social media has been a powerful tool for our grassroots effort as well. Would you be willing help?