6:45PM June 14, 2019

Timothy Crone

Becky, can you tell me how the grant request for Pea Green 128 is going? Adaptive, even on their own servers, keeps dropping speed and right now we have been paying $50 a month for 2 mbps or 5 mbps, depending on the day. Theres not much they can do, and I reset my modem once a week. Also once grant is approved, how long does it take to get service? Thanks!

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12:25PM June 17, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi Timothy, our initial run at getting a grant for your zone was denied, so we are on round #2! We are resubmitting your area to another program this summer. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Once a grant is approved, timing can vary. There is typically an appeals process that delays construction a bit, so it's often 4 to 6 months after getting the award that we can break ground.