11:58AM October 05, 2019

James LaPonsie

I check here often to see if my zone (pea green) is any closer to the goal because terrible net costs me money and education daily. lately I've noticed people have been slowly registering but the percentage has not changed from 50%... just wondering why. Really hate my life on elite broadband as there is absolutely nothing elite about their service.

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11:22AM January 13, 2020

Diane Pfifer
Same here we are in the Peagreen area also and it is almost in last place, wish people would sign up can't understand why they wouldn't want a better internet service.

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12:11PM October 16, 2019

Becky Mashburn
Hi James, You're right. The preregistrations for Pea Green 128 have been slow and steady. It looks like 80 new preregistrations have come in since the beginning of the year, which would equate to (give or take) around a 10% increase since 1/19. I'm sorry to hear your current service is so poor. I hope you'll stick with us through the long haul as we work to get zones like yours to goal and fiber built. But I know the wait and frustration are hard! Thanks for the support.