5:08AM November 08, 2019

Vicki Watts

Hey - I'm in Zone 175 Grant Zone and I have been told that we will get elevate fiber here at my home this fall!! Where is it???? There has already been 2 men out here to check the power poles to hang the fiber line about 3 months ago.. and we have not saw or heard anything. Elevate, my understanding was the grant went thru for this..I even talked with elevate at the Montrose office and she assured me that I was definitely in the zone with the grant money and we would have it this fall! This has been such a frustrating process, if you can call it a process. I have been ready to purchase this ever since it came to this area and still no fast internet! I have lived here for 31 years in this home with 2 electric meters that I pay for monthly.. Its just a shame that we don't have elevate fiber right here on Hwy 92.. I am approx. 500 yards from your active fiber line and still waiting! A Very Frustrated DMEA Customer

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2:50PM January 09, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Vicki, If you are located in the Delta N 175 grant zone, you will get Elevate this summer! I apologize for the delay. We chose to bid the construction of this zone with a large group of other zones in order to get the best price possible for our members. In this case economies of scale proved to be essential. Construction will kick off in your zone in March, and we expect to be hooking up live customers by this summer. I know that is a lot longer than both you and we hoped you would have to wait, but it was the best financial chose for Elevate, DMEA, and our members. Thanks for the support and we appreciate you sticking with us—building our network out over 3,000 miles is a massive undertaking, and we couldn’t do it without support from people like you!