10:14AM December 24, 2019

Robert Walraven

Did 148 get the grant this time?? Been waiting for years and still no reliable service in my area

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2:43PM January 09, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Robert, Thanks for checking in again. The wait for news has been frustrating at best. We’re in your same boat. Still no news on whether we have received grant funds for Olathe 148. $6 million remains to be awarded and we don’t know if we will be a recipient or not. The only grant news I do have is that the areas awarded west of Montrose, northeast of Delta, and near Crawford will be built this year! Construction should start in March at the latest. Recently, another area southeast of Montrose was also awarded funds, and we will be able to build those this year as well. Once we get the final word on your zone, we will be sure to make an announcement. Thanks for the support!

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8:25AM December 26, 2019

Stacey White
Robert, Thank you so much for staying on top of this. I would love an update on 148 as well!! I wish they would do regular updates on the Zones. Especially those in line for grant money. I have left multiple messages, and never get a return phone call. I must be calling the wrong people...….