1:36PM December 31, 2019

Virgil Barnhart

Hi, we are in Delta 412 south zone. At this rate we will never get this service. We have been at the same spot forever.

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2:39PM January 09, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Virgil, I completely understand your frustration having to wait for better internet to come your way. We are working through every possibility for getting rural zones like yours built sooner through state and federal grant funds. A portion of Delta 412 South was submitted for grant funding in the summer of 2019, and unfortunately, in December 2019 we received the unfortunate news that we were not awarded funds. But, we’ll keep working at it. In the meantime, we appreciate any effort you can offer us by spreading the word to your neighbors to preregister on this site. Thanks for the support!