11:01PM January 09, 2020

Robert Walraven

Just read the newsletter for the zones planned to be done this year, no surprise zone 148 not on the list for another year!!! Even though there's fiber ran down the road outside my house to connect to your substation. Hard to understand after 3 1/2 years no progress in this zone along with multiple grants denied, suggested to DMEA 5 years ago to used the extra fiber for the internet to our homesn when in saw DMEA installing the fiber. Starting to look like the empty promises of US West, Qwest and now Centurylink !! Discouraged and frustrated beyond ones imagination in a zone that has the fiber infrastructure with line ran but no Elevate serivce!! My elevate sign is been there so long it's faded and unrecognizable asking with my old Elevate Tshirt. Come on and get 148 zone on the radar ?!

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9:48AM January 10, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning Robert, Thanks for reaching out. You’re correct, Olathe 148 was not listed as one of the grant zones we will be building in 2020. At the time the newsletter was put together, we still had not received any news about whether or not we were awarded funds to build Olathe 148 (along with portions of Delta S 414). And unfortunately, we’re still waiting. The committee has $6 million remaining to award. We feel your pain—the delay in the funds disbursements is frustrating at best. When we do have the final word, we’ll be sure to reach out with an update. I would be remiss if I didn’t address your other point of concern that Elevate and DMEA aren’t fulfilling the promise we gave our members. I recognize that the members, like you, who are still waiting for service are beholden to slow and often expensive internet service (if any at all), and it may seem like we’re leaving you behind. But monumental progress is taking place. More than half of all DMEA members from across Montrose and Delta counties now have access to Elevate’s high-speed internet. We really are improving the quality of life in our communities, and I hope you’ll continue to support our efforts, despite not being able to take advantage of our service yet. Thank you again for your passionate support of Elevate.