10:26AM January 19, 2020

James LaPonsie

you say they have 6 million in grant money?! well what the frik are they camping on it for? here i am in pea green net so slow it took 5 minutes to pull up this page. just speed tested: 705 ms ping, .07 mbps dl, .05 mbps ul and all i see here is "grant denied" "grant denied" "grant denied"! I know it must look very pretty in the bank but Jesus spend some already!

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6:11PM February 17, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Yes - preach! That's exactly our frustration too. On the upside, we're not just waiting around to hear. We actually just resubmitted Pea Green 128 for another round of grants this month. We'll take any good vibes you can spare. Thanks for the support!