5:38PM February 17, 2020

jeremy lownes

Hello So I am in s.337 which was almost to goal at the end of 2019. Now I am seeing that we are are way down at like 38% to goal. It looks like according to the NEW zone map that my zone has been split up. It now is calling the other half of what used to be montrose s. 337, chipeta sub zone and those lucky folks are under construction. This is very frustrating. I believe the fine folks of S 337 deserve an explanation.

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6:02PM February 17, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Jeremy, You are correct. We’ve made changes to many of our zones, including yours. Thanks to a partnership with the City of Montrose, we are able to build out 97% of the city limits this year. This means we have subzoned the portion of your zone that fell within city limits, and, as result, your zone boundaries have changed. As you noticed, with this change, your zone’s progress has backtracked a bit. We know this is frustrating for you and your neighbors. So, why make the change? By removing the properties that fall within city limits, we now have more opportunities to apply for state and federal funding for the rural outlying areas. Every grant for which we apply requires that the area is not within city limits and is not considered to be already served with high-speed internet. I know it doesn’t ease the frustration, but I promise we are continuing to work hard to bring fiber to your community and we can still use your help. Please continue to spread the word to your friends and family about why you’re excited for Elevate.