5:44PM February 21, 2020

Chris Peterson

Live in montrose S 515. What about grants for this rural area? I understand the city is getting elevate coverage when they already have other high speed options. What about all the initiatives for federal govt for high speed internet in rural areas.

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9:28AM February 25, 2020

Sara McCombs
Hi Chris, We will be subzoning the remaining areas of the Montrose city limits this year. I recognize this doesn’t help you immediately since Montrose S 515 is located south, but ultimately, by segmenting our rural areas we are able to pursue more grant opportunities so that we can build them sooner. The most basic eligibility requirements for any grant we apply for have been 1-cannot be located within city limits; 2-cannot be considered serve already. As we move forward with the subzoning and grant efforts we will work to keep you updated. We are applying for new grants constantly. We may reach out to these areas for letters of support as we have in the past to attach to our grant applications. If we do, would you be willing to help us with a letter? Thank you and appreciate the support.