1:25PM February 24, 2020

Scott Withrow

My question now is will Elevate reduce the required subscribers for zone S 515 due to the fact that Ouray grant money installed a fiber backbone that runs directly through the middle of S 515? The remaining cost for developing our zone has to be a fraction of what it would have been before Deeply Digital installed the fiber line.

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11:26AM February 25, 2020

Sara McCombs
Mr. Withrow, Unfortunately the Ouray County Health fiber optic line is not something that helps our distribution network. We argued heavily with both Ouray and Montrose County Commissions against the route chosen for that line, pointing directly at the fact that running down County roads cost their project significant added cost, all-the-while defeating abilities for Internet Service Providers to meaningfully leverage that line for distribution network efforts. At this point the limited number of homes passed on the route measured against the recurring cost to lease fibers on that route creates a more costly equation that would require a need to charge higher prices for our services to any subscriber along that route – it simply makes no sense. For the time being we must hold-steadfast with our forecast needed for Zone 515, but we are sizing that area for potential grant subsidies that could dilute those requirements in the not-so-distant future.