9:30AM March 13, 2020

Alison Smith

Hi, I was wondering if subdividing Cedaredge 124 had been looked at. The assumption with us and some of our neighbors is that the section of 124 that is closer to town is more year-round residents and a much higher percentage of these residents are pre-registered. Cedaredge 124 stretches all the way to the residences on the Grand Mesa, but I assume a larger chunk of these houses are seasonal vacation homes with a lower percentage of pre-registrations.

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10:48AM March 27, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning, Alison. Short answer, yes! We actually tried to subzone Cedaredge 124 in multiple different ways, but none them actually helped to bring down the financial need or the preregistration goals. We also recently submitted the most populated portion of Cedaredge 124 for a federal grant. Unfortunately, they denied our application because they believe that your area is already served with high-speed internet. We aren’t sure what out next step is for Cedaredge 124, but we’ll keep trying.