7:46AM March 27, 2020

Chris Peterson

I can see that Elevate fiber is already run to the Fire Station on Racine Road in Montrose. What about the possibility of continuing the run along the poles down Hwy 550 to serve south montrose along the highway? There are several subdivisions within 4 miles from the fire station that could served by running this down the existing poles along the highway without having to go underground all the way. The options we have south of town currently are intermittent and slow.

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11:34AM March 27, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi, Chris. You are correct. We do have fiber to the fire station south of town as part of our partnership with Region 10—this partnership provided funding to build to places that are considered anchor institutions. In order to extend our network into the adjacent neighborhoods you mention, we do need to meet the preregistration goals. I wish we could build to every DMEA member who needs our service, but we can’t due to financial limitations. I’m sorry I can’t bring you better news right now. Wishing health and safety for you and family.