12:24PM April 08, 2020

Thomas Heidger

My house is surrounded on three sides by area 427. When the Bear Creek subdivision gets active will it start from San Juan or from the north end. I can literally throw a rock from my front yard to an active zone. Do I have to wait until late summer or will it be early summer?

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1:58PM April 20, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Thomas! Our crews are just now getting started inside Montrose city limits. Right now, due grant program requirements, we are starting work in our Chipeta Subzone, which is located behind City Market and Walmart and along Woodgate Rd. This zone is directly connected to a grant zone southeast of Montrose that has timing restrictions placed on it, hence why it is the first area to get service within the city limits for this phase of construction. You're painfully close to 427! Oh, I can imagine how frustrating the wait has been. It will most likely be late summer or early fall before we are able to start connecting homes in your subzone. But, we are coming!