9:32AM August 29, 2016

Virginia Harman Admin

Roxie, Right now we are only building zones that are included in Phase 1. If the subdivision is in the "DMEA Area" it is unfortunately not in Phase 1. Our zones (like the Paonia zone) are based on our electrical system rather than city limits. I am very sorry, but I cannot offer a specific time frame on when Elevate will be built in any areas that are outside of Phase 1. I can tell you that we anticipate the entire build-out (Montrose and Delta counties) to take approximately 5 years. Where any specific area falls within that time frame will be determined partially on how much preregistration interest we see in that area. By early 2017 we hope to have a full deployment map that will show which areas are covered by each of the future phases of our build, however that map has not yet been created. We will use the preregistration data that we are gathering on this site to help us build that phase map. I am sorry I do not have a more direct answer than that, but we simply are not that far along in the future phase planning process.