12:27PM May 11, 2020

James LaPonsie

Haven't heard anything about grants being submitted in here for a while now. With the current quarantine situation, my family of five internet users being connected to a "10mbps down/3mbps up isp (which is a strait up lie, that max advertised speed may or may not happen at approximately 3am if we're lucky) and my children having to do their schooling online via zoom meetings the need for good reliable internet is realized more every day. Finally so tired of watching the "buffering wheel of death" I broke down and submitted a complaint against my ISP with the FCC. So, just wondering, are we eternally screwed here as far as grants go in the Pea Green zone because or area is listed as "already served with high speed net"? Because, like I stated, that is an absolute lie. Not only do we on average receive maybe 10% of the speed advertised but are limited to literally ONE option for internet service with the exception of satellite providers who charge extremely high prices for very limited data usage. Also wondering if the number of pre-registrations required to bring fiber out here include houses that have electric meters but do not have physical people living at the residences? The residence where the tower I get my net from is unoccupied (the people who lived there died) but is obviously connected to electricity or the tower I get net from would not be powered...

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6:34PM June 07, 2020

Timothy Crone
We are in the same boat. Adaptive has been HORRIBLE for us. We get 1 to 3 Mbps if we are lucky. Some days we get 25 for all of 5 minutes. We don't have anything but antenna and streaming so we need better service in Pea Green 128!

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12:39PM May 11, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi James! After checking your preregistration it looks like your home is located in Pea Green 128. You can read up on our latest grant effort for that are here - https://www.elevateinternet.com/grant-zones-we-work-hard-money. It's one of the areas currently at "wait and see" status while we wait to hear back from the grant organization - we applied for $12,804,810! In regards to preregistrations, we have accounted for premises that could never take service like irrigation pumps, bathrooms, etc., in our requirements. However, unoccupied residences are considered eligible as we will actually have to build our fiber past those homes to reach people like you and, ultimately, they can be inhabited. We hate that your area has been one denied funds so many times, but we'll keep trying and we'll keeping working to get the word out for people to preregister in your zone too.