1:30PM June 18, 2020


Like Bryan Cashion, I just checked ‘My Dashboard’ and it says I am in Montrose E814 not Village Subdivision. Both Bryan and I reside in Solar Hills Ranch off Oak Grove and Fox Park. Solar Hills Subdivision IS NOT within the city limits of Montrose. Still concerned on which Zone we are in, and when to expect Elevate Internet service.

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3:18PM July 02, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi Tom. I did some extra digging after I noticed your question (my apologies for the delay). You are correct, Solar Hills does not technically fall with the city limits. However, we are going to be building it in coordination with our Brown’s Ranch zone. The good news is, we’ve actually already started construction in this zone! You may notice some changes over the next few days on your dashboard as we get the backend database updated with the Solar Hills addresses. Thanks for double checking!