7:43PM August 29, 2016

Douglas Paasch

If the goal is to bring high-speed internet to DMEA's rural service areas, at what point do you serve outlying areas with sparse populations (if ever)? I can see building out the more populated towns first, such as Orchard City and Paonia in order to get the system up and bring in needed revenues. But how about us that live way out in the middle of nowhere? Will we EVER get ANY high speed service? Right now, the ONLY thing available is Rise Broadband and currently it is very slow and unreliable. We are literally at the end of DMEA's power line, and in fact, had to extend existing power lines in order to reach our property. Please let us know if DMEA really means to bring high speed internet to us truly rural folks that are miles out of the populated areas but are DMEA customers at the very ends of the line. Thank you.