4:04PM June 27, 2020

James LaPonsie

What do i get for being the customer who complains too much about bad service from Elite Broadband? I'll tell you. I get my service shut off as of tomorrow. We can't get Elevate fiber out here because "we're already served with high speed internet". Well I'm not. Not any more. My x-isp was legitimately the only service i could get out here and now for complaining i'm getting shut off. Terrible service, terrible business model. Would appreciate having this kind of comment submitted with the next grant request as with no net as of tomorrow i will no longer be able too check in here to see if we will ever have more than one option for service out here, or zero options in my case. I also was under the impression that a company having a monopoly was not supposed to be a thing in America but i guess not.

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3:23PM July 02, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Consider it done, James! We will gladly send in your comment with any applicable grants. Your situation is all too common, unfortunately, we've been denied funding for Pea Green multiple times to date. But we're not giving up! Thanks for the support.