3:13PM July 09, 2020

David Rosenberg

Cedaredge 124? I live on Hanson Road....elevate service is 2 blocks west of my house on Surface Creek Road....we have 9 people in this little area waiting for and or interested in your service...your representative came out to my house last winter we drove around he said he would look into forming a small service zone for the people in this little area....any updates from you folks...thanks Dave Rosenberg.

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9:26AM July 14, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi David. There is an update, but unfortunately, it’s not a good one. We had carved out a portion of Cedaredge 124 for a grant application. Our request was denied for your area at the end of 2019 however. It was disappointing news for us, but we’ll keep trying!