9:02AM August 30, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Douglas, It was stories just like yours that made us start looking into providing fiber broadband initially. Too many of our members have little or no access to fast, reliable internet. So yes, our goal is to make Elevate Fiber available to all members in our service territory – even those in hard-to-reach areas! We are currently in Phase I of the project and we have more phases to go – the overall timeline for building out Elevate to the entire service territory is approximately 5 years. We realize that some of our zones will be much more rural than others and that’s OK. Each zone will be required to meet a take rate. This means that a specific number of customers must preregister in a zone before we begin building the network. This number is a percentage and based on population so some zones will require more preregistrations than others. In early 2017, we hope to have a full deployment map that will show which areas are covered by each of the future phases. Unfortunately, no I do not have a specific timeframe for when we will be able to provide service to your area. However, preregistrations will help up determine the future phases and construction plan. Getting your neighbors, however distant they may be, to preregister will also help us determine interest and could help bring Elevate to your area sooner! Thanks!