9:51AM October 23, 2020

Jon Fedler

Does anyone know when elevate will be up and running in Peagreen and west of Delta. the map shows that we need several hundred more people to sign up. I am sure everyone out here would sign up if they knew that they needed to.

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8:26AM October 26, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning Jon! You're right, the need for people to preregister for Elevate in that area is high. That's why we have been pursuing grant funding for this particular area. Most recently Pea Green 128 and other neighboring zones were submitted for a federal grant program. We still haven't heard whether or not we were a recipient, so keep your fingers crossed. Unfortunately, it is extraordinarily expensive to build a new fiber network in very rural zones with low density. Federal and state grants give us an opportunity to do that while ensuring we continue to make financially responsible decisions. Stay warm today!