12:55AM November 03, 2020

Eugene Silkowski

From Eugene Silkowski, 69072 E. Oak Grove Rd, Montrose 81401, Fairview district. When are you going to do installation at my address? This past summer, I asked, and you said September. It is now November, and the Elevate crews, which were working at 6800 E. Oak Grove Rd in October, have all vanished. Please give me a REAL answer. I have been waiting for three years.

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8:46AM November 03, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning Eugene, You've most likely seen our construction crews working in Fairview! They are currently building the network in that zone, and (barring extreme weather or other unforeseen hiccups) we should be offering live service by the end of this month. My apologies if we were a little over-zealous in our original prediction of September - we hate the waiting as much as you! Keep an eye on your inbox because we'll be sending out email notices as soon as the network is fully built. Thanks!