12:05PM December 12, 2020

Eugene Silkowski

Becky, Still unable to activate subtitles. To recap: I have an Elevate set box, and, following your latest message, was able to get to the subtitle screen. It showed "OFF", and no amount of button-pushing experimentation would get it to toggle to "ON". More time wasted. This should not have been a case for heartburn, but it has been. Your instruction manuals were never supplied at installation, but even if they had been, it would have been no use, as there is not a word about how to activate/deactivate this function. Either give me COMPLETE instructions, or have a tech come to my home and get it working.

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8:52AM December 14, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning Eugene. Sorry to hear this feature is giving you trouble. I've sent your information and notes along to our network support team and they will be in touch shortly. By all accounts your steps should have worked, so I'm as stumped as you. Stay tuned!