7:41PM December 13, 2020

Sherman Mathieu

Would appreciate updated information on progress in Montrose W 731. If grant denials for our area are a problem then let us know who we can contact about increasing the bandwidth requirement for a "served" area. We are currently using Elite Broadband (Archnitec) wireless and I am paying for 10Mbs service. I usually only get around 4Mbs - 6Mbs (download). With the significant increase in bandwidth usage brought on by the pandemic (school closures, people working from home, and the current Christmas online shopping season), we experience frequent disconnects, pauses, and infuriatingly slow data transfer speeds. We NEED reliable internet service in our area as much, if not more, than people living inside of city limits and more densely populated neighborhoods. Just because we cannot provide the same potential for profit doesn't lessen our need for service. Please let us know who we can contact in our legislature to keep our needs in their sights. We could also use links to contacts where we can state our needs in relation to grant approval. Thanks.

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12:22PM December 22, 2020

Becky Mashburn
Hi, Sherman. I reached out to you directly via email but didn’t want your comment to go unnoticed. I’ve been having some technical troubles here on the message board, hence my delayed reply. Part of Montrose 731 is included in one of our newly approved grant zones. I checked your address that you registered on this site, and GOOD NEWS, it is included in the grant area! We have a very full construction timeline right now, and the ETA for building your grant zone is Fall 2021. Thanks!