8:13AM January 20, 2021

tera woodhull

When will this become active and running. Installation happened for fiber optic. Hope to get update soon

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9:37AM January 20, 2021

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning Tera. I found two preregistrations under your name: 1 in the North Townsend Subzone and 1 in Montrose NE 812. I'm not sure which of these you are asking about, so I'll update you on both zones. North Townsend Subzone is under construction right now and we should be able to start serving customers within the next 2 months. Montrose NE 812 is currently sitting at 33% to goal and we need 361 to preregister. Of the two, Montrose NE 812 poses the biggest challenge. We haven't seen the significant interest from DMEA members in this zone, and unfortunately, building a fiber network is extraordinarily expensive. The preregistration model helps us determine if there is enough potential customers in an area to financially support building the network. If we are able to secure grant funds for Montrose NE 812, we could build out sooner, but those funds are hard-won and we can't assume we will be a recipient. Thanks for checking in!