7:35PM January 30, 2021

Colleen Eyre

I have been pre-registered since 2017, 4 years. Section 124 still has only 61%. It amazes me that my zone, with in city limits, can't even be started. Maybe its because most of the residents have decided Elevate is to difficult to get and have gone other directions. Sounds like a good idea,hmmm. Colleen Eyre

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9:16AM February 01, 2021

Becky Mashburn
Good Morning, Colleen. First up - the good news! We were awarded a grant for area called Cedar Mesa that will allow us to build a significant portion of Cedaredge 124. I will have our grant team check your address (the one you have registered on this site) to see if you are located within the grant zone and get in touch with you. In regards to your observation about your zone not progressing, you’re correct. We haven’t seen enough public interest to build our network in Cedaredge 124. Building a fiber network from the ground up is a multi-million-dollar effort. One of the main ways we ensure we build our network in a financially responsible manner is by using this preregistration method to gauge interest. This interest indicates how many people will potentially purchase Elevate. It’s not perfect, but it has been an important benchmark in making sure we don’t overextend ourselves and risk not being able to serve any of our communities long term.