12:03PM September 14, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Ann, You can start by preregistering! Enter your service address in the box to the right and select the level of service you are interested in—we offer 100Mbps @49.95/month and 1Gig (1,000Mbps) @79.95/month for residential customers. Depending on where you live, you may be in what we call an active zone or an area where we are collecting interest. If you are in an active zone, that means we are working to get enough customers signed up so that we can begin building the fiber network and providing service. If you are in an area where we are collecting interest, we are asking that you preregister so we can plan our future active zones and construction plans. Population doesn’t matter as our goals for each zone are set as percentages, mean the more populous an area, the more signups we actually need. Then it's time to get your neighbors signed up! We try very hard to be in the communities and spread the word about Elevate, but when our customers and members spread the word for us it means so much more. Thanks for your support!