9:33AM May 14, 2021

Eugene Silkowski

I have subscribed to Elevate TV for about five months now, and have had an unending stream of problems, starting with installation. Several nights ago, the TV programming crashed (all channels) several times, and we ended up turning the TV off. I called Elevate the next morning, and the guy on the phones said it was a network provider that crashed, not Elevate. That is still Elevate's problem - I am paying you people, not your provider. Fix it. A much more common problem is 'spooling'. This happens almost every night. The little circular arrow in the middle of the screen goes clockwise for 10-15 seconds, then programming resumes - for a few seconds.. Your phone guy said this was insufficient bandwidth, and could be fixed remotely by tech support. He transferred me to that department. I waited on hold for about fifteen minutes, then punched '1' to get a call-back. Never happened. Perhaps this message will get some results. I hope so - if not, I will be moving to DISH.

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10:45AM May 14, 2021

Becky Mashburn
Hi Eugene, I've copied your message and sent it directly to our tech team and customer service supervisors. I apologize for your disappointing experience with Elevate TV. Thank you for getting in touch.